Allergy Star

Improved Service for all with Allergy Star

Improved Service for your customers

Information; fast, accurate and delivered direct to the customer

Customers can now examine your offerings in detail before deciding what to take or order

No scrabbling around from staff to "check with the chef.."

Quick, easy and convenient to manage.

Our recipe manager can be accessed from anywhere so can be maintained when convenient for you and your staff.

Identification of who has managed the recipe and accountability of who prepared the dishes on that day (or whenever they are prepared).

AllergyStar has been designed to make it easy for your customers to identify problem items. QR codes make life so easy!



Self-prepared accountability

"Bought in" or "third party" verification and traceability checking enforced by your staff.

Print capability means each day's preparations can be audited on a daily basis and logged for any inspection


Fast to maintain means you can change and add menu items quickly

Additional marketing opportunities exist when customers are looking for allergen information

As AllergyStar grows there are lots of business generation opportunities you can benefit from.